These are changing and challenging times...

The government wants to see further education more closely aligned with the needs of employers, playing a pivotal role in the local economy in a financially sustainable way.


During this time, we will fully expand the alignment of our curriculum offer to employer need, enabling us to deliver the skills required to maintain productivity in the face of economic change.

Business Planning Cycle

This Strategic Plan is for a period of five years, but it will not be a static plan within that timeframe. It will be a ‘live’ document that will enable the College to remain flexible and open to other opportunities that may arise.

Our Purpose

Our Vision for 2026 is to “To be an ethical skills eco-system for the Marches, and West Midlands”.

Our Future 2026

Telford College is an ambitious college, we have identified four strategic priorities that we will focus on to deliver our vision…

Measuring Our Success

Since academic year 2018/19 we have developed an annual Strategic Impact Assessment to measure our success. The Strategic Impact Assessment is an analytical review assessing the College’s impact on its students and the local, and wider economy.

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