Whatever your future you want, English and maths are the keys to unlock access to it.

Whether you choose an academic routes, perhaps to university, vocational courses to gain that career you want or an apprenticeship you will find that English and maths are required. They are used by organisations as a basis to show you have the skills to be considered for a place or interview.

Telford College can give you skills to improve your English and maths, when you apply for a course at Telford College we will follow this route.

  • Interview: We will talk to you about your current skill levels
  • Assess: We will analyse your results and your career interests.
  • Recommend: We will recommend where in the new course levels you are and the most suitable qualification.

All through your journey to gain the type of qualification you aspire to we will be there for you – you can talk to college student services support staff if you find you need to be challenged more or get support if you falling behind. Call 01952 642237 to discuss your needs or come in to college and discuss with one of our advice and guidance specialists.
English and Maths - increase your earnings | support at Telford college
Need English and maths or need to improve it?
As an adult you may be finding that you need to re-take to improve your results for career changes or be able to apply for a job.
We run part time courses during the day or evening where you can study to get you GCSEs.

Contact student services on 01952 642237 for advice and guidance, we’ll talk you through what is the best course for you and support we can give.

Geoff Humphries at the college Maths and English hubGeoffrey Humphries

Maths and English GCSEs have been a constant stumbling block throughout my entire adult life.

Returning to education at the age of 37 was a must for me to be able to progress within any further education  or even whist climbing the corporate ladder.

Stevie Willoams outside of the college math and English hubStevie Williams

Re-taking my Maths and English GCSE's was the start of my plan, from mum to student. With many career possibilities rolling around in my head.

As the time went on I realised I love writing! I've always loved reading, but writing suddenly took over and it's all I wanted to do.

GCSE Combined Results 

  • 39.85% achieved a grade A*-C (9-4)
  • 18.87% improvement compared to last year

 Best ever college results and above the national average



GCSE English Results

  • 39.96% achieved a grade A*-C (9-4)
  • 25.46%improvement compared to last year

Best ever college results and above the national average

GCSE Math Results

  • 40.2% achieved a grade A*-C (9-4)
  • 10.34% improvement compared to last year

Best ever college results and above the national average

English and Maths Don't cut your chances in half | maths support at Telford College
English and Maths increase your odds | english and maths support at Telford College
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