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Understanding the parent portal

The parent portal contains a lot of important information about your young person’s college progress.

We understand that some of this information, might to be easy to understand, so we have explained below the information presented on the parent portal – but please remember if you would like to discuss this further, or have concerns about the information being displayed please contact us.

Opening welcome section

In this section, this will give an overview of your young person’s overall attendance, stating the attendance rating of excellent, good or requires improvement. Also in this section you will be told how many sessions your young person has actually attended out of the how many possible sessions could have been attended.


Before you see the main attendance tables and course level breakdown, you will see a section explaining the attendance expectations for students. At the bottom of this section you will see a underlined link, which if you click will allow you to report your young person’s absence on their behalf.

Overall attendance

This section, you will see the overall attendance attendance percentage of your young person, and also, the percentage of sessions attended that your young person has been punctual to. This information is overall and year to date.

Course level attendance

You will now see a section for each could that your young person is currently enrolled on, with specific information to help you see any trends in your young persons attendance.

You will see their overall attendance percentage for that course, alongside how many sessions they have actually attended out of how many possible sessions could have been attended.

Below this information you will see your, young person’s attendance by half term, so you can monitor any dips in attendance.

Financial support

If your young person has applied for support with the cost of coming to college, you will be able to see the status of the application, and if approved you will then see a list of what your young person has been approved for (agreed funds), from free college meals, bus pass etc.


You will be able to see, your young person’s sessions for today, and also upcoming sessions for the next 7 days.


You will be able to see any planned/scheduled exams for your young person – with their date and time. Please note that even if your young person has examinations as part of their course, they may not be visible, until the exam is fully planned and set-up with the examining body.