Workplace Violence and Harassment – Level 2 – Distance Learning

Workplace violence and harassment can have huge consequences. The Trades Union Congress estimates that 29% of people have been bullied at work, and many leave their job because of it. Understanding about effective communication and ways to reduce conflict in the workplace will help to create a more positive working environment, benefiting both employers and […]

CIPD in Human Resources – Adult Level 5

This qualification builds on the CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice and is aimed at further expanding learners’ independent practice to enable them to evolve into more senior roles within organisations as people professionals. Learners’ work will be mainly operational with some complexity. They will contribute to the thinking around their work, analysing […]

CIPD in Human Resources – Adult Level 3

This qualification introduces the learner to a wide range of relevant knowledge and expertise in people practice. It is suited to those learners who: ▪ are studying, aspiring to, or embarking on a career in people practice ▪ are working in a people practice support role and wish to develop their knowledge and deliver immediate […]