Define your future

Are you looking to further your qualifications, make a change in your working life or increase your earning potential here in Shropshire?

You could be a mature student considering a career change, someone wanting to progress in a company you already work for, or you could be leaving college and considering staying close to home to complete your university education.

When you study a university course at Telford College, you’ll join a great community of like-minded students of all ages, benefiting from small class sizes, lots of support from peers and tutors, fantastic facilities, and lower course fees. You can also benefit from additional courses and facilities at University Centre Telford at Southwater.

Our courses are designed in response to career opportunities identified with regional employers.

  • 95% of our students feel treated fairly and with respect
  • 95% of students say that staff are friendly and helpful
  • 2% of graduates in 2015/16 were in professional/management roles within 6 months of completing their qualification
  • 7% of graduates in 2015/16 earn over £25,000 within 6 months of completing their qualification

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Your passport to success

A guide to understanding the opportunities available to you

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Passport to success shattering the myths about university life | HE courses with Telford Colleg

Higher Education Policies

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