Kickstart Academy is a Key Stage 4 Secondary School (PRU) based at Tan Bank. We provide learning programmes for 48 pupils who are referred from within the Telford and Wrekin area.

This referral takes place through the well-established Fair Access Process (FAP), due to behaviour concerns or being at risk of permanent exclusion or those that are permanently excluded from school.

We pride ourselves in supporting learners with a wide range of difficulties, with the intention of them returning to mainstream education. Where this is not viable, students remain with ourselves and we look to achieve the best possible outcomes for our young people.

Our ethos at Kickstart Academy is for students to learn and develop as a young person in the most positive way possible, we pride ourselves on giving students the opportunity to better themselves, please see the curriculum statement to the right. 

Our Team

Staff list 

  • Tom Cash – Head Teacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Peter Ford – Pastoral and Behaviour Manager (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Joanne Kimm – Pastoral and Behaviour Officer (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Terri Evans – School Administrator
  • Katy Roberts – Teacher (Head of Teaching and Learning)
  • Alison Lewis – Teacher (SENCO)
  • Jennifer Fitzgerald – Teacher (Exams Officer)
  • Georgia Coultas – Teacher (PSHE/RSE lead)
  • Jason Parry – Teacher (Careers lead)
  • Jason Silverthorn – Teacher (Sport)
  • Marie Roy – Teaching Assistant
  • Jordan Price – Teaching Assistant
  • Adrian Hamilton – Teaching Assistant
  • Harry Hill – Teaching Assistant
  • Tammy Gilsenan – Family Liaison Officer/Teaching Assistant

Our Curriculum

At Kickstart Academy we offer a wide array of opportunities to our students, with them being at the centre of our curriculum offer. Please read our curriculum statement for more information.

School Vision

Kickstart Academy is committed to providing a safe, caring and stimulating environment for all pupils. This allows our young people to re-engage with learning and either return to mainstream schooling or be successful whilst remaining with ourselves. During this time, the learning needs of each individual pupil are accurately assessed to support personalisation of learning.
Our main aims as an Academy are:

  • To keep our students safe
  • To provide a high quality of education
  • Help our students to personally develop
  • Improve outcomes for our young people

‘Always Learning’

  • Students are learning at Kickstart Academy.
  • Our planning and marking ensure that every lesson builds on the learning of the last
  • Reflects our aspirations that what our students learn at Kickstart Academy will build the foundations for the future.
  • Reflects our commitment for self-improvement.
  • Acknowledging that it is essential that students play their part in their learning by being openly reflective and evaluative.
  • Mistakes are fine if learning follows.
  • It is accessible as an expression to all of our students.
  • It is easily woven into our day to day dialogue with students.
  • It reflects our purpose at Kickstart Academy– learning is what we aim to do the best.
  • We can always get better at what we do through perseverance, resilience and determination.
  • It is aspirational –there is always something more you can learn.
  • Great learners can make a great contribution.
  • Learning is everything –it’s not just about being good at academic things.
  • Students increasingly need to be adaptable to a fast changing world.

At Kickstart Academy – We aim to:

  • Inspire and motivate our students to become energetic, self reflective and successful learners.
  • Have high expectations for our students and instil in them the confidence to challenge themselves.
  • Ensure that our students can make lifelong confident and positive contributions by enhancing both academic and personal development.
  • Provide a safe and secure learning environment and establish genuine partnerships with parents.

Careers Programme

Here at Kickstart Academy we look to create excitement and a buzz around our young people when looking at their future career paths.  Our aim is to help them outline and execute a plan early in their time with us to ensure they have the opportunity to gain all of the qualifications needed as well as providing access to all the necessary guidance and information needed to achieve their goals.  We also place a high level of importance on gaining work experience and look to increase the engagement of our young people’s support team outside of school in order to create a positive environment for them to grow.

At Kickstart Academy we value the importance of a thorough careers programme. We work closely with the local authority services to ensure that we provide the best opportunity for our young people to experience work and develop the skills in which to further themselves in the future with further study and employment. As a school we work towards the Gatsby Benchmarks and the appropriate level of careers programme that is applicable for our young people. If you require any further information about the careers programme please contact Jason Parry the Careers Leader on


If you should require paper copies of any of the information displayed in this website then please contact the school office on 01952 642402.

Pupil Referral Unit for Key Stage 4

For information regarding the provision, referral process, policies, curriculum offer, exam results and staffing or any further information regarding Kickstart Academy, please contact us.

Telephone: 01952 642402

Academy Sponsor: Telford College, Haybridge Road, Wellington, Telford, TF1 2NP | 01952 642200

Academy Address: 11 Tan Bank, Wellington, TF1 1HJ | Chair – Rosie Beswick, Address – c/o Kickstart Academy

Head Teacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Tom Cash 01952 642541

Pastoral and Behaviour Manager (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Peter Ford 01952 642511

Pastoral and Behaviour Officer (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Joanne Kimm 01952 642402

School Administrator

Terri Evans 01952 642402