Please refer to Telford College Invigilator Handbook  throughout the training and the JCQ Instructions for Conducting Examinations (ICE) in particular appendix 1 Instructions for conducting on-screen tests.

This training supports invigilators in understanding their role and what is and is not permissible in the examination room when candidates are undertaking an on-screen test. Whilst completing each module, refer (in full) to the relevant section(s) and pages of the JCQ publication as detailed at the start of each section.

At the end of each module your knowledge and understanding will be tested by a mini quiz.  If you have not achieved full marks on a particular section, you can repeat (restart) that section.   You must achieve 100% to gain a certificate to confirm that you have met JCQ’s requirement for invigilators to be trained in the conducting of on-screen tests.

This presentation covers the following areas relating to on-screen tests

  1. Security
  2. Timetabling of tests
  3. Use of calculators
  4. Resources
  5. Accommodation
  6. Invigilation arrangements
  7. Emergencies
  8. Finishing the examination


  • To ensure that you are clear of your role and responsibilities as an invigilator supervising on-screen tests
  • To ensure that you are prepared to invigilate on-screen tests