Apprenticeship opportunities at Telford bakery

A bakery is working with Telford College to offer a series of apprenticeship opportunities.

Telford-based Flower & White is the latest business to support the Ladder For Shropshire campaign to help get people on the career ladder.

The apprenticeships will be delivered by Telford College and will be supporting the business in an operations and analytics role, and within the warehouse and packing environment.

Family-run Flower & White is an innovator of low calorie meringue products which was founded in Shropshire by husband and wife duo Brian and Leanne Crowther.

It has offered apprenticeships for many years with the aim to introduce new talent and energy into its team. Positions have been offered in all areas of the company, including the bakery, finance and analytics.

“Our aim is to inspire positivity in everyone we meet and with young people being so badly impacted this year – this mission has never been more important,” the couple said.

“Of all the apprentices to join Flower & White, Liam Jones was the very first, having joined the business in the early days.

Flower & White’s first apprentice, Liam Jones

“Starting his apprenticeship in the packing department of Flower & White, he has since progressed gaining more responsibilities and now overseeing a team of bakers in production.

“By nurturing our members of staff from a young age, we are able to discover where their strengths and skills lie, often adapting the role and helping to develop them into an invaluable member of the team.

“Like with all positions at Flower & White, it will be a varied and enjoyable role, perfect for mentoring a young person into a future Flower & White employee.”


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