Charlie’s ‘true grit’ is recognised with two top awards

Charlie’s ‘true grit’ is recognised with two top awards

Young Enterprise Award Winner Charlie Teece

A Telford College business student has been recognised for showing ‘true grit’ and outstanding leadership skills in the annual Young Enterprise competition.

Charlie Teece, from Woodside, won the regional ‘True Grit’ award which allowed her to qualify for the national Young Enterprise Awards.

Charlie Teece, double award winner in the 2021 Young Enterprise Award | Business | Telford College
Charlie Teece, double award winner in the 2021 Young Enterprise Award

She went on to win the Young Enterprise National ‘Journey’ award, supported by airline company Delta, where judges praised her ‘incredible amount of leadership’.

Charlie, a former Madeley Academy student, started on a level two business administration course at Telford College and has now graduated onto the level three business course.

She started a chocolate bouquet business to gain work experience – beginning with a group of 28, but ending with just herself and two fellow level three business students, Dylan Ribeiro and Eesha Parvaiz.

“I feel really surprised to have won – it is really amazing. My Telford College tutor Gavin Real pushed us to succeed. I was very quiet, and he helped me to gain confidence and be able to believe in myself.

“Young Enterprise has helped me so much. I’ve found skills I never realised I had in leadership – motivating others and putting myself out there is something I would never have done beforehand.

“I couldn’t have gone on this journey without my team – especially the two that stood with me in the end.”

Charlie added: “We started work on the Young Enterprise project to cover our work experience module during Covid, as we couldn’t go into companies and experience it that way.

“My team originally started making bath bombs, but as Covid restrictions grew stronger, we all took a vote and decided to switch to bouquets of chocolate.”

The team marketed the company and gained followers through their Instagram @guilty_pleasures2021, and also used the platform to take orders.

Charlie with Teresa and Rachael | Business | Telford College
Charlie Teece, with Telford College learner manager Teresa Hughes and assistant principal Rachael Wilson

Charlie said: “Before this project, I was quiet in class. I have now gained a lot of confidence and it has made me believe I am capable of achieving something. It has also made me realise my potential in a managerial role in my future career.

“I want to go on to join the military. I’m not sure what path yet, but winning this award has given me the confidence to succeed.

“This whole experience has given me skills I think will help such as meeting deadlines and expectations, but also working independently and in a team.”

Telford College tutor Gavin Real said: “From a quiet member contributing to one department, to deputy manager and then to managing director of her team, Charlie has thrown herself into the programme.

“She has demonstrated leadership and determination and overcome some of her own fears as she proves to herself she can make a success.

“Charlie has demonstrated true grit in her work with Young Enterprise this year, and the programme has been of untold benefit to her.”