College reveals its ambitious five-year vision

Telford College has outlined its ambitious vision for the next five years with publication of a new Strategic Plan.

It includes details of a new maths and digital hub due to open in Telford town centre, the creation of more specialist ‘employer hubs’, and an increasingly ‘blended’ and flexible approach to teaching.

The aim of the document is to spell out Telford College’s direction of travel up to 2026, aligning its curriculum to the needs of local employers.

Principal and chief executive Graham Guest said: “These are changing, and challenging times. But as we begin to gradually emerge from lockdown, it’s time to look forward with greater optimism.

“This plan is focused on aligning our curriculum with the needs of local employers – providing them with the skills required in these times of economic change.”

Each academic year, Telford College plans to engage with more than 2,000 young people in college-based programmes, plus more than 700 apprentices and over 3,000 adult learners.

A particular priority is to engage with students living in deprived areas – more than 40% of the college’s young people and 45% of its adult learners live in areas which are officially classed as deprived.

“For every £1 of Government funding, we will provide a return of at least double that to the local economy,” Mr Guest said. “And collaboration with local employers is at the heart of everything we do.

“Our growing range of Employer Hubs are already strengthening these links, and opening up exciting new career opportunities for students.

“But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Very soon, we will also be opening a

Graham Guest with the strategic plan | Telford College
Graham Guest with the strategic plan

new digital and maths hub in Telford’s ‘Station Quarter’ to upskill the workforce and make the borough more appealing to inward investors.”

He added: “We are proud to be named among the top 25% of providers nationally, with 96% of our students receiving offers from their first-choice university.”

Paul Hinkins, who chairs the Telford College corporation, said the college’s blended learning model, taking advantage of emerging technology, had responded swiftly and efficiently to the challenges of the Covid-19 era.

“After a time of transition, Telford College is now perfectly placed to deliver, making a significant difference to the lives of the communities we serve.”

To view the full Strategic Plan, please click here


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