Harry takes a step up the career ladder

Harry takes a step up the career ladder

Telford confectionery company Flower & White approached the Ladder for Shropshire and created a business administration apprenticeship opportunity for one youngster.

In collaboration with Telford College, the business recruited Harry Lee who has been impressing in his role during the initial three months of his apprenticeship.

Ladder for Shropshire is a local apprenticeships creation scheme supported by the Shropshire Star.

Harry said: “I applied for an apprenticeship as the concept of university never really appealed to me and I just wanted to hit the ground running with gaining the work experience that accompanies an apprenticeship.

“Apprenticeships were briefly mentioned during sixth form as an alternative to university and that’s what made me realise that I wanted to pursue one to kickstart my career.

“Due to the pandemic the interview was quite a strange and unique experience as it had to be done as a video interview at the time, however they made me feel very relaxed.

“My role at Flower & White allows for me to be involved in a wide range of the overall operations of the business, from supporting in the sales side, to being involved in logistics.

Harry | Flower & White | Telford College
Harry Lee, apprentice at Flower & White

“Because of this, I’ve been able witness and learn first-hand about the processes within a business, and how each different department contributes to the success of Flower & White.

“The management team and other Flower & White employees have helped me to settle in well here, making me feel welcome and providing support for my apprenticeship where necessary, and I am looking forward to enhancing my skillset and knowledge further.”

Telford-based Flower & White said it felt very passionate about creating opportunities for young people who had been so badly impacted during the pandemic.

Managing director Leanne Crowther said: “We are very proud of how well Harry has done in the first three months of his apprenticeship and really pleased to have Harry as part of the Flower & White family, we can’t wait to see what he will achieve next.”

Amanda Carpenter, project officer for Ladder for Shropshire, said: “Harry is a great example of a young man who decided university wasn’t right for him and has chosen to start his career through an apprenticeship.”