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Property maintenance apprentices are building great careers

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Property maintenance apprentices at Telford College say they are enjoying the chance to build solid careers with the help of hands-on learning.

Alex McCone and Jake Lewis, both 18, are on level two apprenticeships, through Telford College.

Alex, who lives in Stourbridge, is working with Dean Wright Property Maintenance, and studying at college one day a week.

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He said: “My favourite part of the apprenticeship is when we are given the freedom to do our own thing, and work out what we need to do for ourselves.

“We always have someone to ask if we need it, but I like the fact that we are left to work it out sometimes.

“The most useful thing I have learned so far is knowledge of how the trades work, and how I might want to take that into my future career.

“I liked the sound of an apprenticeship because it was hands-on learning. I’m a practical learner, so learning on the job whilst also getting a wage was a great idea. In the future, I would like to own my own company in property maintenance.”

Former Shrewsbury Academy student Jake is doing his apprenticeship with his uncle’s business, ST Carpentry.

“Working on site is my favourite part of the apprenticeship, and learning how to use basic tools has been the most useful skill,” he said.

“I worked with my uncle’s company for a few months and really enjoyed it. He suggested I should enrol on an apprenticeship so I could continue working with him but also get a qualification.

“To anyone thinking about an apprenticeship, I’d say go for it – it’s always useful to learn a trade. In future, I would certainly like to continue working in the building industry.”

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Telford College offers apprenticeships in 38 different careers, for both young people and adults. For every £1 of Government investment, the college generates a return of more than £25 from its apprenticeship programmes to the local economy.

The college currently engages with more around 1,000 apprentices, and 98% secure permanent employment or continue to further or higher education when their training is complete.

It has close links with more than 700 companies, and the curriculum is created in collaboration with the business community to ensure their needs are met.

More details about Telford College’s apprenticeships, and current employment opportunities, can be found on our apprenticeships page.