Something fishy going on in the catering department…

Catering students from Telford College cooked up a treat when they were challenged to create a fish dish worthy of a restaurant menu.

The level three students were given a special timed ‘fishcake challenge’, which had to be completed using a limited number of ingredients.

It included a choice of fish such as cod, smoked haddock, salmon and crayfish, along with accompaniments such as potatoes, peas, tomatoes, lemons and herbs.

The students had 90 minutes to complete their dishes, which were judged by a staff panel including learner manager Charlotte Anson, Dan Blasczyk and Alice Withers.

The dishes were scored on a combination of appearance, technical skill, and flavour, and the winner was Patrycja Laska, who used cod, salmon, carrot and sweetcorn for her creation.

Charlotte Anson said: “The students certainly rose to the challenge, and produced work to an excellent standard.”


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