Toseef is rewarded for ‘stepping up’ during Covid crisis

A Telford College apprentice who helped a Shropshire company to re-start manufacturing operations after the Covid-19 lockdown has been rewarded with a permanent job – and picked up an award.

Toseef Subhani, 20, is the most recent manufacturing apprentice to complete his training with Lime Green Products in Much Wenlock.

The former Charlton School student has embraced the chance to acquire hands-on skills to manage the processes of dry mix lime manufacturing, and become a valued member of the production team.

“I’ve very much enjoyed my career with Lime Green to date, in particular the laughs we all have whilst doing our jobs,” said Toseef, who has also worked on Shrewsbury’s Flaxmill restoration project.

“I am enjoying learning the new skills that provide me with optimism for my future, the relationships we all have as small team, and teaching others.”

Toseef’s newly-acquired skills played a key role in helping Lime Green Products to re-start manufacturing after the depths of the Covid lockdown.

“I was happy when, during the Covid lockdown, I was asked to ‘step up’ to the plant control room and felt good that I was one of the first to be called back from furlough,” he said.

His motivation and commitment have earned Toseef a permanent position at Lime Green Products – as well as a ‘Significant Achiever’ award from the Telford College apprenticeships team.

“My aims for the future are to carry on my training and education within Lime Green and maybe one day lead others,” he said.

Lime Green production manager Chris Sedgley said: “Toseef is a remarkable young man who has a lot of time for all of his colleagues and supports management beyond his years.

“I personally am thankful for having Toseef as an integral part of my team, and wish him all the best in his career aspirations in the future.”

While Toseef progresses his career at the company, a fourth apprentice, Joel Gennard is following in his footsteps seeking qualifications in industrial environment and manufacturing operations.

“The apprenticeships are invaluable to a company like ours as the skills are learnt through hands-on training,” said Simon Ayres, managing director at Lime Green Products.

“Lime Green will continue to be an active supporter of the Government’s ESFA Apprenticeship Scheme which offers good quality trainees able to support the expansion of the business.”


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