Vocational exams continue under strict Covid-safe conditions

A small number of exams are continuing at Telford College this week, under stricter-than-ever Covid-19 safety regulations.

Although A level and GCSE exams have been cancelled for this year, various technical and vocational exams are continuing.

Exams in progress | Telford College
Exams in progress | Telford College

This week, the college has welcomed a small number of students to sit a range of BTEC exams in areas such as construction, business, sport and media.

The exams are taking place in socially-distanced conditions, with candidates split among several rooms on different parts of the campus.

The Government has told colleges that they are cleared to run vocational and technical exams ‘where they judge it right to do so’.

Graham Guest, Telford College principal and chief executive, said: “We know this is an anxious time for students who work so hard towards their exams and assessments, and we want keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

“We also recognise that it is going to be particularly important to press ahead where we can with exams for vocational training qualifications which can only be fulfilled through practical assessment.”

He added: “We remain in close contact with Ofqual and awarding

Covid guidelines | Telford College
Covid guidelines | Telford College

organisations, and will be keeping people updated on the way forward as soon as decisions are taken.

“For now, our priority is to protect everyone’s health and save lives, while ensuring that Telford College students have a way to progress with as little disruption as possible.”

Stacey Malone, Telford College’s director of data and performance, said: “We must say a big thanks to our volunteer invigilators, as this week’s exams would not have been able to go ahead without them.”

All of the construction students who attended campus for the health, safety and welfare units of their level two construction course have passed.

For all the latest Covid-19 guidance relating to Telford College students, there is a dedicated section on the college’s website here. 


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