Law – A Level

Two students working together in a classroom

Crime, human rights, education, employment, privacy, and consumer protection all play a key role in our everyday lives. And no matter what career you may be considering, knowledge of the law will be an invaluable asset and will give you a head-start over your competition. The course provides a thorough and fascinating insight into several […]

Geography – A Level

Two students conducting field work outdoors

Ideal for those fascinated by global issues and current affairs, you’ll explore a huge variety of geographical elements, and discover physical geography – our environment, coastal systems and landscapes, along with urban and human elements. You will also design and complete an individual investigation, collecting data in the field and developing an exploration of your […]

Further Mathematics – A Level

Maths students doing calculation on glass

This extends the topics covered in the A level maths course as well as introducing completely standalone topics. It is not necessarily more difficult than the straight A level maths course, but some topics are developed in greater detail. It can be studied for just one year as an AS level or can be taken […]

English Literature – A Level

Explore a broad range of poetry, prose and drama from the 14th to the 21st century in this exciting and comprehensive study of literature. Through class work, reading and independent research you will examine the ways in which writers such as Shakespeare, F Scott- Fitzgerald, Chaucer, Ibsen, Carol Ann Duffy, Khaled Hosseini and Tennessee Williams […]

English Language – A Level

This contemporary course focuses on how we use language today as individuals and members of society. You will explore the impact of gender, occupation, accent and dialect, examining social groups, power and technology. You will also study a range of texts produced by a variety of writers and speakers, and discover how they tailor their […]

Economics – A Level

Two students working together in a classroom

If you have a genuine interest in local and global affairs, you’ll enjoy reading about current events, applying theory to the real world and discovering why some countries are more successful than others. You’ll learn about markets, examine the factors that influence supply and demand, discover what leads to market failure and study why unemployment, […]

Criminology – A Level

Student sat at table reading and writing in a lesson

Are you interested in exploring the different types of crime in our society? This course – a combination of examinations and controlled assessment – offers exciting and interesting experiences that focus learning through the acquisition of knowledge and understanding in purposeful contexts linked to the criminal justice system. You’ll study four units over two years […]

Computing – A Level

Two students working on a computer at Telford College

Enhance your knowledge of computers and start problem solving by studying and understanding software, system development, data and applications. You’ll cover topics such as software design, programming, hardware communications, data structures and storage types, features and uses of software, social aspects such as security, internet use and misuse, and the implications and consequences of computer […]

Chemistry – A Level

Student outside conducting science experiment

Develop your understanding of chemical concepts and the world around us in this comprehensive study of chemistry. You’ll explore a wide range of topics in physical, inorganic and organic chemistry, from examining substance composition to studying atomic structure. You’ll also hone your investigative skills with practical laboratory work, examining chemical reactions, substances and properties through […]

Business – A Level

Two students working together in a classroom

With a focus on helping you to be a good decision-maker, you’ll learn essential managerial skills, and techniques to help you become an analytical problem solver – with highly sought-after and transferable skills. Whatever you choose to do in the future, you’ll find elements of this course hugely relevant. For example, knowledge of motivational theory […]