(ICE, section 11)

Room conditions

Centres must ensure appropriate examination conditions, this requires invigilators to pay attention to conditions such as

  • heating
  • lighting
  • ventilation
  • noise, whether internal or external, intermittent or continuous
  • display material (such as maps, diagrams, wall charts and projected images) which might be helpful to candidates must not be visible in the examination room.

Particular care must be taken with examinations conducted in classrooms, laboratories or libraries.


A reliable clock (analogue and/or digital) must be visible to each candidate in the examination room and must be big enough for all candidates to be able to read clearly. The clock must show the actual time. Countdown and ‘count up’ clocks are not permissible.

Exam information

A board/flipchart/whiteboard should be visible to all candidates showing the:

  • centre number
  • subject title
  • paper number
  • actual starting and finishing times
  • date (of each exam if there is more than one exam taking place in the room)

Access arrangements

  • Candidates with access arrangements must be identified on the seating plan(s) that are held as part of the centre records. (ICE, section 16.4) Invigilators must be informed of those candidates with access arrangements and must be made aware of the access arrangement(s) awarded.

Mock exams/internal tests

  • Internal school/college tests and mock examinations cannot take place in the same room when an external examination is being conducted.