(ICE, section 17)

Senior leaders

Senior members of centre staff approved by the head of centre, who have not taught the subject being examined, may be present at the start of the examination(s). This is to:

  • identify and settle candidates/instil discipline
  • check that the candidates have been issued with the correct question papers for the
    • day
    • date
    • time
    • subject
    • unit/component
    • tier of entry if appropriate
  • check that the candidates have the necessary equipment and materials, i.e.
    calculators, preliminary material, anthologies or set texts where permitted;
  • start the examination

Only those senior members of centre staff authorised by the head of centre to
specifically perform the above tasks may be present in the examination room.
Senior members of centre staff must not provide advice and guidance on the
examination. They must not comment on the question paper or give advice on which sections of the paper and which questions should be attempted.

If a senior leader fails to comply with the above, their actions must be noted and reported to the exams officer.