(ICE, section 26)

Five-minute warning

Invigilators should confirm with their exams officer if a five-minute warning is to be given to candidates before the end of the examination. Your exams officer will make this decision after considering the impact on candidates who have different finishing times.

Candidate instructions

At the end of the examination invigilators must:

  • tell candidates to stop working and remind them that they are still under
    examination conditions
  • allow candidates who arrived late and were allowed the full working time to do their examination, to continue after the normal finishing time. Tell them to stop working after the full working time allowed has passed
  • instruct candidates taking written examinations to make sure:

    • they have put all the necessary information on their answer booklet and any additional answer sheets, e.g. candidate name, candidate number, centre number
    • their answers are correctly numbered
    • they have put any loose additional answer sheets inside the answer booklet. Paper clips or staples must not be used. Treasury tags should only be used if permitted by the awarding body marking the papers

Candidates granted extra time and/or supervised rest breaks should be allowed to carry on uninterrupted for the necessary additional time. Invigilators must be made aware in advance which candidates have been granted extra time and/or supervised rest breaks