(ICE, section 19)

Formal exam conditions

Candidates are under formal examination conditions from the moment they enter the room in which they will be taking their examination(s) until the point at which they are permitted to leave.

Candidates must not talk to, attempt to communicate with or disturb other candidates once they have entered the examination room.

Candidate instructions

Candidates must not open the question paper until the examination begins.

Before candidates can start the examination, invigilators must always:

  • make sure that candidates are seated according to the set seating arrangements
  • tell the candidates that they must now follow the regulations of the examination
  • ask candidates to check that they have been given the correct question paper for the day, date, time, subject, unit/component and tier of entry, if appropriate
  • tell the candidates to read the instructions on the front of the question paper
  • check that candidates have all the materials they need for the examination
  • tell the candidates about any erratum notices
  • instruct candidates about emergency procedures

Invigilators must also give candidates the information as detailed in ICE, Appendix 3 before the examination.