Your digital identity can say a lot about you, or at least show a perception of who you are.

If you pause and think, what does your social media feeds say about you? What does the image/video you ‘liked’ or shared say? What are you saying in the caption?

All this builds a picture of you, to someone else, this could be someone you know, or someone searching for you such as a potential employer who you have applied to work for.

Have you ever searched your name in Google and seen what you can find about you – this can be good to find out:

  • What is publicly visible about you
  • Does the information visible put you at risk of cyber crime

Activity 1: Now open another internet browser, and search your name in Google and see what you find about yourself.

Once you have looked at what you can find out about yourself, how dose this make you feel?

Please complete the following questions on how you feel, and click submit before continuing.

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