Understanding the parent portal

The parent portal contains a lot of important information about your young person’s college progress. We understand that some of this information, might to be easy to understand, so we have explained below the information presented on the parent portal – but please remember if you would like to discuss this further, or have concerns […]

Navigating the mobile app

The mobile app has simple navigation, using the bottom menu ribbon – please note that this ribbon will look different, dependant if you are logged in as a current student or parent. Menu for parents The menu is simple, and consist of 4 sections: Updates – this is where you will see general updates to parents, […]

Logging into the mobile app

Logging into the Telford College mobile app has two methods, these are dependant if you are a current student or a parent/carer of a current student. Please follow the steps below, dependant on which is appropriate for you. Parent/carer of a current student As a parent/carer of a current student, you should have received an […]

Downloading the Telford College mobile app

The Telford College app is for current students and parents, and can be downloaded from the Apple App store and the Google Play store. Download now on   Once downloaded, you will need one of the following: A parent login account – available if your young person has included your email address as a ‘allowed […]